Clarity Confidence Clients

5 Shifts to your first 5K+ months as an online coach

Clarity Confidence Clients

5 Shifts to your first 5K+ months as an online coach

Clarity Confidence Clients

5 Shifts to your first 5K+ months as an online coach

The biggest challenge facing Coaches is getting paying clients. It’s confusing and disheartening when nothing seems to work and your coaching diary (and your bank account) remains hopelessly empty.

Maybe, right now you’re struggling to believe that you can have more FUN and make more SALES without using icky tactics and feeling pushy.

I get it, and you’re not alone. I was talking client-attraction strategies with my client recently, she told me how much she dreaded the thought of having to engage in such “aggressive connector” tactics and it was really holding her back.

I’m not surprised! Such tactics are not fun…and they’re also totally UNNECESSARY.

The truth is that the more FUN you’re having, the more SALES you’ll get!
~ Sanae Floyd

Wouldn’t you prefer so much more to have people reaching out to you? You want to receive messages that say:

“Hey I loved your post, I’d love to know more about your coaching services”

“I’ve been following you for a while, how can I work with you?”

“I watched your live today! Spot on. I’d love you to coach me”

I’m not saying you don’t need to market yourself, of course, you do, but you CAN do it whilst having fun and have it be super EFFECTIVE.

(without any of the tactics that make you feel uncomfortable)

Perhaps right now you’re showing up and putting yourself ‘out there but for some reason no-ones ‘taking the bait and you’re left feeling more invisible and resistant than ever…

Maybe you’re doing everything you’ve been taught, told, and ‘should’ be doing to attract clients but you feel like something’s missing… it’s just not working…

And you feel frustrated, worried, and more determined than ever to find the solution.

I’ve worked with countless coaches to help them breakthrough to hit their first income milestone and then go on to up-level month in month out to those liberating 5-figure months

…And having been coaching and mentoring in SALES for over 20 years now, I know what it takes to succeed in the game of attracting and enrolling paying clients!

This is why I’ve created this training, just for you.

…BUT do yourself a favour (and honour me) by giving yourself the gift of focus and attention. For the next 45 minutes, close down your emails and Facebook distractions, grab a pen and notepad and take good notes!

These are the 5 shifts you must make to achieve your first (or next) £5k month as an online coach.

5 Shifts to 5k Months as an Online Coach

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