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  • Identify your Soul Mate Ideal client 
  • Uncover what keeps her awake at night 
  • Align with what makes YOU the credible solution to her problem 
  • End the agony of “I don’t know who I’m talking to!” and the ho-hummery of crappy content 
  • Feel unstoppable and get visible with purpose and passion

Yes please!!! I Want to Discover The Identity of My SOUL MATE Ideal Client!

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Sanae had the magic that helped me release my magnetism.

Sanae helped me to narrow down to within pinpoint accuracy exactly who my ideal client is along with everything that she is thinking and feeling along with helping me identify what skills, qualities, and attributes I have that will help solve her problem and get great results.

Within 2 weeks I booked my first client and also had a request for 12 months worth of coaching as well as an opportunity to be a keynote speaker.

Tish Hawkin
Resilience Coach

My Niche was no longer a mystery  

Working with Sanae through this process helped me get clear on who I was, what I do and what results my clients get when they work for me. My niche was no longer a mystery. I was able to start looking at what results my ideal clients wanted and also learned how to clearly state that in my marketing.  

Within 4 weeks I signed 2 new clients and made 7,000 Euros!

Omozua Isiramen Empowerment Coach

I am now finally attracting women that I am destined to help!  

I got crystal clear on who I help and how I help them and now I’m marketing to my ideal client in a way that is specific and direct. Sanae has reignited the spark that was inside me. I have gained more confidence, more clarity and more importantly I now love showing up for my clients once again! 

Michaela Pay
Founder of the Empowered Woman Academy

Sanae gave me the confidence to share my message with the world

If you are a coach who is looking for clarity around your ideal client, then Sanae is your coach. She doesn’t only give you the clarity you need but also the confidence to go out there and share your message with the world.

Alejandra Zapata Performance Coach

Yes please!!! I want to discover the identity of my SOUL MATE ideal client!

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We collect and process your personal data in accordance with our privacy notice