4 Ways Coaches Unwittingly REPEL new clients, instead of ATTRACT them.

How you might be repelling clients from reaching out to you and hiring you without you even realising it.

We all want the same thing, right?  We all want to attract a steady stream of dream clients.

Attract being the operative word here.

You want your dream clients to be drawn to you.  To be attracted to you by your messaging, your content, your website.  You want your dream clients to find you

You certainly don’t want to have to chase people, do cold icky outreach and spam people's inboxes.  That's not only annoying for them, it also risks hurting your reputation, and you'll lose credibility in the eyes of the person you're trying to connect with.

Now, I'm always in awe of the simple fact that you can create one piece of compelling content, and have something in what you've said, or the way that you've said it resonate so deeply with someone that a connection is formed. 

It's a beautiful thing. 

However, there is such a thing as, not only not attracting clients but also, repelling them!

Not attracting clients might be an issue of a matter of time.  You just need to keep doing what you’re doing with consistent persistence, tenacity and faith.


Not attracting clients might be an issue with your message. You might just need to hone your message, re-think your offer or who your target audience really is.

But actually repelling clients?  This is about who you’re being.

There are 4 client-repelling states that I want to highlight here that will kill your business so fast! 

I’ve made some of these mistakes myself, and learned my lessons the long and hard way!!  I see other coaches making these mistakes and I've also worked with my clients to turn some of these around when they really needed a breakthrough to get them back on track.

A lack of Integrity

This is about being who you want to attract.  Walking your talk, practicing what you preach and keeping your promises to yourself as well as in business. 

You don’t have to have all of your shit together - none of us do! But you have to instill trust and that comes from being in integrity. 

Your business is a mirror.  If you want people to invest in you, you must do the same. 

Being Inauthentic. 

Being authentic is not easy because we’re conditioned to protect ourselves, to hide our vulnerability, to not put ourselves out there and risk judgement or criticism. 

We all have an inherent drive to be accepted and liked, and so if we're going to show up and truly be ourselves, we have to be willing to accept the fact that not everyone is going to like us. You have to be OK with that.

    Another way that in-authenticity shows up is in trying to emulate other successful people. I’m not talking about modelling their success habits, I’m talking about trying to act or sound like them.

    I used to wish I had an American accent and was more ‘ballsy’ because one of my early coaches was a Bad-ass from Boston who dropped the f-word in her sentences like they were commas! 

    She live streamed while smoking and wearing her dressing gown! It was hilarious! She also made 7-figures in her coaching business and helped so many women.

    It wasn’t until my American clients told me they were drawn to my British accent and my energy that I realised how my coach was successful because she was being herself, and when I could just relax and be more myself, my business grew.

    Low self worth 

    This is massive. You will never create a reality that is in conflict with your deep seated self-identity or paradigm.  As the saying goes "you'll always live up to your expectations" 

    If you feel unworthy, undeserving or have low self-esteem then no matter how hard you work,  your results will continually match how you really feel, and what you really believe. 

    This is when you’ll attract the "I can’t afford you" folks, the tyre-kickers and time wasters - all reinforcing your beliefs!

    Neediness, desperation. 

    When you’re needy and desperate, you’re operating from an energy of lack and scarcity. The frequency you’re putting out will bring back more of the same, more "I don’t have". 

    That lackful energy will infuse everything you put ‘out there’ into the world and again you’re reinforcing your current state of being.

    Your state of being is everything!

    As one of my favourite Spiritual teachers says Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith says "You can be the wrong person, doing the right thing, and still get the wrong result, or you can be the right person, doing the wrong thing, and still get the right result"

    It's essential to do your inner work, to clean up your fuzzy frequencies, to believe in yourself and know that you are worthy and deserving of everything you desire.

    Sanae x

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