Get Recognised, And Rewarded as The
 Go-To Expert Coach

Monetise your passion, serve more clients and thrive as a professional premium paid coach.

Get Recognised, And Rewarded as The  Go-To Expert in Your Niche.

And attract more clients with clarity, confidence and credibility.

Welcome to my world!
Are you ready to break through your blocks, and get the clarity you need to confidently share your expertise, attract perfect-for-you clients and create the success, fulfilment and freedom you deserve?

If you answered yes, that YAY! I'm so glad you're here!  Before we go any further, let me check in with you and see what's going on for you currently:

*** Are you're stuck figuring out your Niche?  As a result, you're not clear on what you do as a coach, your message feels wishy washy,  and you're struggling to articulate the value you deliver...And it's really knocking your confidence?

*** Do you feel exhausted from the fruit-less, relentless slog of ‘showing up’ on social media?  Do you feel invisible because no matter what you do, your business is stagnating?

*** Do you know you’re undercharging, and undermining your value, but you're afraid to raise your rates for fear of losing clients?  You can't imagine how you'll ever reach your income goals.

*** Are you frequently caught up in the negative spiral of comparing yourself with others, feeling not good enough, and doubting your own capabilities?

*** Do you feel like you're constantly starting over?  You desperately want to build a successful business, but you yo-yo between ‘massive action’ and then periods of feeling overwhelmed and stuck,  slamming the brakes on your productivity, and your progress?

***Have you been burnt with previous investments in courses, and coaching programmes that promised the earth, and failed to deliver so you're feeling disheartened?

*** And do you feel like no matter how hard you work (and you’re working really hard) you’re marching on the spot, and getting nowhere fast?

OK! Woah!  Ouch!!  They are not comfortable questions, right?

So, first things first, I want you to know that I understand how it feels.  I speak from experience!   And secondly, you probably already know that...

You Need A Breakthrough!

I'm not talking about breaking through your upper limits or the glass ceiling on your income.  That happens automatically as you break through the real barrier to your limitless success.

The real barrier is your lack of clarity on your zone of genius.  

Everyone has a zone of genius, including you, and when your business is aligned with it, you thrive

"Everyone has a unique gift or special talent to give to others"
 Deepak Chopra

This lack of clarity is the reason you don't feel aligned, and why it's near impossible to maintain consistency in your work.

It's the reason why you've struggled to implement the lessons from those investments you've made in business courses and coaches to help you, and why you're stuck on what your expertise really is.

And it's keeping you from your limitless joy, abundance and success.

So why is it so hard to figure this all out?

Why after so much reflection, introspection and what feels like banging your head against a wall does your niche, or your special talent, as Deepak calls it, still alude you?

It's not because you don't have a zone of genius.

It's because it's got lost under internalised limiting beliefs, that have been reinforced over decades.  Read that again.

Through absolutely no fault of your own, and most likely in your infancy, you lost sight of what made you YOU.

 "I am not enough" "I'm not good enough" "I'm too much"  

We learned to people-please to gain approval, seek validation from others, and hide our authentic self because we fear rejection...

All of which results in us dumbing-down our authentic self expression, filtering ourselves and losing sight of our uniqueness...all of which is out of alignment with our essential truth.

But here you are...You've been on your personal growth journey, and you've begun to peel back the layers and discover who you really are, and that's helped you connect to your passion and purpose for helping others as a coach...

You've made the bold and courageous leap into your coaching business and yet this final piece is so hard to access.

And this is keeping you blocked, and stalling your business growth.  

You’ve probably come close to throwing in the towel.

But you didn’t.  

Because you know in your heart that this part of you exists to be expressed so you can be of service to others

And you want to help people, you want the freedom, and the fulfilment that you know your business can give you.

Whether you feel like something in your messaging just doesn't feel 100% aligned, or you're completely stuck, you're in the right place.

You've landed here because you’re so over the struggle!  You know there’s so much more to you than you’re currently expressing and you’re committed to making it happen!


When you get the break through clarity you become unstoppable.  The energy of passion has freedom to flow.

At last, you understand who you are as a coach, what you stand for, what you do, who you help, how you help them and you finally feel like the credible expert you are!!

You wake up every morning excited and energised about the work you do, confidently and effortlessly sharing your expert message while operating in a state of inspiration, ease, and flow.  

As you check your calendar each week, you feel the thrill bubbling up inside you as you see new discovery calls with ‘all in‘ dream clients scheduled.  

It’s happening! Your dream clients are showing up, eager and ready to work with you!  

You’re selling your premium signature coaching packages and leveraging your time with group programmes, and it feels incredible.  

You’re serving more clients while still providing a personalised touch, and making a bigger impact than ever before.  The success and fulfilment you’re experiencing are beyond compare.

You're fearlessly taking bold action, going after your dream, and gone are the days of living in a state of self-doubt, frustration and fear.  No longer plagued by the constant sense of holding yourself back.

You trust yourself, and confidently take bold action with a strong sense of purpose.  

This is your time to shine, and you’re living your best life with a sense of fulfillment and joy that comes from being true to yourself, and expressing your unique gifts, skills and talents.

Why should you listen to me?

Hi, I'm Sanae, and my Zone of Genius is helping you nail YOUR Zone of Genius

I quit my lucrative sales career in corporate in 2015 with a desire to help people transform their lives, and feel amazing!  

My plan was to achieve this through fitness by becoming a personal trainer.

I remember waking up on day 1 of being unemployed, oops! I meant self employed, with an awful feeling that I'd made a terrible mistake.  

It suddenly felt wrong, and my ex-colleague, Gina's confused voice (when I announced I was leaving) "But Sanae, you hate the gym!"started ringing in my ears!

After a period of flapping about, I pivoted to Coach for Executive Women...That didn't last!  I couldn't shake off the thought "What the hell can li'l old me offer these smart women!"

I then toyed with Divorce coaching (just because I was divorced). That idea lasted about 3 minutes. Thankfully for anyone looking for a divorce coach at the time!  I was barely over my own!

I landed on Confidence coach for a few months but still didn't feel like I knew what to talk about on Social, or what exactly was my message.  

In 9 months of flip flopping about trying to figure out my niche, I'd made all of £500 in my business and I was freaking out!  

Around this time I started studying for my Personal Performance coaching diploma, and NLP practitioner qualification at The Coaching Academy which meant frequent weekends in London making new friends and having a ball hanging out with other coaches...

Many of my coaching peers would tell me how they dreaded selling, when I told them my background was in sales, and they'd ask for my help.

What happened next was pretty profound... In the process of helping these lovely coaches become more confident to sell themselves and their services, I found myself deciphering their niches for them!  I know! The irony!

I very quickly discovered I had a unique ability to hear their story and rapidly join the dots to discern they're unique zone of genius, their ideal client, and their message.  The feedback I got clearly showed I was onto something!  

I was told such things as "I've been stuck on my niche for years, and you've nailed it in a matter of minutes!"

 "You've helped me find the missing piece and I know who I am as a coach!" and
"Sanae, I finally feel aligned! You're a magician! I can't thank you enough!"

I honed my process, and combined it with my decades of sales experience to create programmes and packages exclusively for coaching entrepreneurs.  At last I'd found my zone of genius, and was aligned with my passion and that's when my business success sky-rocketed.

I now work with clients from all around the world, from the UK to the USA, from India to Iceland, from Cape Town to Canada,  from Germany to Australia and many more!  It blows my mind to think of it, but that's the beauty of running an online business!!

The reach, the possibilities and the opportunities are limitless!

I got so busy that I never finished my NLP qualification, but I am a master Personal Performance and mindset coach, a certified Jack Canfield Success Principles Trainer, a PSYCH-K facilitator, an certified EFT Practitioner as well as a featured and published keynote speaker, and best selling author.

My Job is...

Helping coaches, just like you, discover your zone of genius so you can show up and express your gifts fully, freely and authentically.

This is when your success flows, because not only are you operating at your highest and best, and you're at your happiest, you're also adding the most value and contributing to the upliftment of the whole.

I help you to: 

  • Reconnect you with your Zone of Genius so you feel aligned, excited and enthusiastic about your business once again 
  • Have complete clarity and feel credible as you're clear on your niche, your target audience, the problem you solve and your unique message
  • Package up your genius and craft your signature coaching programme that you get known for and is an irresistible no-brainer for you ideal clients, so you're no longer constantly chasing the next client and you earn more, work less, and enjoy more freedom and flexibility
  • Share your message with rock solid confidence and overcome your video visibility fears  
  • Implement a marketing strategy that positions your expertise so you get recognised as the authority in your niche, and attract the right clients, hungry to work with you 
  • Create the systems that enable you to enjoy growing your business steadily, instead of habitually self-sabotaging and feeling like you’re constantly “starting over” 
  • Enjoy selling and make more sales by serving, and being your authentic self.

If you know you're ready for a breakthrough in your business, and something has to change or else it's back to the 9-5 ...Then we really need to talk!  Book your call with me today:

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