Unlock Your Next Level of Business Success, Impact and Income

...And experience the transformation that happens when you honour who you really are

Get Recognised, And Rewarded as The  Go-To Expert in Your Niche.

And attract more clients with clarity, confidence and credibility.

Are you ready to break through your blocks, fears and past restrictions, so you can confidently express your gifts, attract soul-aligned clients, and create the success you desire?

Welcome my lovely!!  I'm so glad you're here!  

I don't believe in coincidences, so the fact you're reading this means you were called here.  

Before we go any further, let me check in with you.  Do you resonate with any of these challenges...

*** Have you hit a plateau in your business income and growth, and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to break through to the next level of impact?  

***Do you see other entrepreneurs celebrating £20k - £30k plus months and worry that to get those kind of results for yourself would mean a lot of sacrifice - to your freedom, your energy and your peace of mind?

***Do you know you need help to support you to grow your business but you're waiting to earn more before you outsource,  so you're constantly distracted with tasks that frustrate you and keep you from your real work in the world?

***Do you prioritise everyone elses needs and demands, over-give, and place your wants, needs and desires on the backburner, fuelling resentment and overwhelm because you feel like your business is stagnating?

*** Do you feel like you're constantly starting over?  Your want to uplevel your business, but you struggle to strike a balance  between ‘massive action’ and then periods of feeling overwhelmed, stuck and exhausted?

*** And do you feel like no matter how hard you work (and you’re working really hard) you’re marching on the spot, and getting nowhere fast?

OK! Woah! It's not always comfortable to acknowledge when things aren't necessarily working as you'd like but kudos to you for allowing yourself to be challenged.

So, first things first, I want you to know that I understand how it feels.  I speak from experience!   And secondly,  and this is the really great news...

Your Next Level Success is an Inner Game

Moving from mediocre results, feast and famine income, lack and limitations and feelings of 'never enough' to...

Becoming Extraordinary, inspirational and impactful and creating limitless success, unconditional joy and bliss is NOT about working harder, increased effort, and employing yet another new shiny strategy...

"The simple truth is that when you breakthrough through the inner blocks to full, free and authentic self expression, and you operate from your truth, not only are you the most successful, joyful and enriched in all areas of your life and business, but more than that, you also add the most value and contribute to the upliftment of humanity"
Sanae Floyd

So what are these inner blocks to full, free and authentic self expression?

Well, I call them your Protective Paradigms.  These are the collection of unconscious beliefs, self-concepts and behaviourial reactions that we developed in childhood to keep us safe...

Because so many of us learned that it was not safe to express ourselves.

A few examples of the most pervasive protective paradigms that block us in all areas of our life and business, from next level success, joy and abundance include:

  • People pleasing 
  • Visibility blocks (stemming from the fear of judgment/ criticism/ rejection/abandment)
  • Over reliance on external data, strategies and logic to inform decisions, action taking and emotional states 
  • Feeling like a burden, and resisting support and help (in all areas of life)
  • Taking on responsibility for the emotional well-being of others
  • The need for control 
  • Perfectionism
  • Lack of boundaries and saying "yes" when you want to say "no"
  • Feeling guilty for doing what you want to do, or for taking time off.

These will lock you into patterns that keep you holding yourself small, restricted and dumbed down in both life and business...

And prevent you from the ultimate freedom of full and authentic self expression.

This is so powerful.

When you can break free of the protective paradigms, you...

  • Expand into, and attract more of your limitless and unconditional capacity for joy, abundance and success
  • You're able to connect to what you LOVE,  and do more of what enriches you and stokes your passions   
  • You make informed decisions and take actions that are in alignment with your bliss
  •  You receive intuitive guidance from your higher self, and you trust yourself implicitly, because you know who you are at a soul level
  • You show up fearlessly on behalf of your dreams, and confidently expressing your authentic voice and value into the world
  • You get recognised as the Go-To Expert in your niche and attract soul-aligned clients with your offers that are an embodiment of your gifts, knowledge and experience
  • You receive with ease and grace, thereby calling in more of what you desire 
  • You feel more energised, inspired and radiant as you're aligned to your highest and more authentic self

We learned to gain approval, seek validation from others, and hide our authentic self to stay safe

All of which results in us dumbing-down our authentic self expression, filtering ourselves and losing sight of our uniqueness...all of which is out of alignment with our essential truth.

But here you are...

You've been on your personal growth journey, and you've connected to your passion and purpose for helping others as an entrepreneur...

You've had some successes and wonderful wins in your business...

But you recognise that you've hit a plateau in your business growth.  You've been coasting at a certain level.  Settling.  Talking yourself out of the more that your heart desires.

You want to have more impact, you want to experience the freedom, and the greater exhilaration and fulfilment of all that your life and your business has to offer.

Your time is NOW! 

Extraordinary Entrepreneur™

When you overcome the protective paradigms you become unstoppable.  The energy of passion has freedom to flow.  Bliss becomes your one true metric of alignment.

At last, you are clear on who you are at a soul level, what you stand for, what lights you up, what your gifts and talents are, and who your next level soul-aligned clients are. 

And you're taking up space,  using your voice, and claiming your desires as your birthright, without feeling icky or guilty.

It takes guts to step up and express yourself, and your gifts fully, freely and authentically, but this is truly the key to your next level.

Imagine waking up every morning excited and energised about the work you do, confidently and effortlessly sharing your expertise while operating in a state of inspiration, ease, and flow.  

You're aligned with your desires, and taking focused action from that powerfully creative frequency with certainty and conviction.  You know you can't fail.

You know exactly what you need to do, and every decision is made effortlessly because you're deciding based on your higher consciousness and from a state of aligned bliss.  

You trust yourself and take bold action with a strong sense of purpose.

You're making a bigger impact than ever before as you fearlessly go after your dream, gone are the days of living in a state of self-doubt, frustration and fear.  No longer plagued by the constant sense of holding yourself back.

You feel worthy and deserving, and the world reflects this back to you in every way.   You attract the clients, the opportunities, the resources, the joy, the fun and the freedom that contributes to your beautiful and fulfilling one life...

Hi, I'm Sanae and welcome to my world

I'm a Business Breakthrough Coach, Sales Mentor and your partner in transformation.

I quit my job as a Sales manager in financial services to start my entrepreneurial journey early 2015...And what a journey it has been!

Full of exhilarating highs, and plunging lows that took me into some really dark places...But I did what I needed to do.  Sometimes I rode the waves,  and sometimes I flailed and felt like I was dying from the intense fear of visibility, my mounting debt or lack of clients and money!  Would you be an entrepreneur!?? Ha!

Truth is, if you're here, you'll know as well as I do, that while this ride is not for the faint hearted, it's one of the most fulfilling and rewarding adventures you can have!

I came to recognise that all my challenges were bourne out of my 

very own limited self concepts and the level of consciousness at which I was operating and aligned with.

Don't get me wrong.  I fought my fears, and I worked hard and I built a successful 6-figure coaching business.  I wrote a #1 best selling book, sharing my story of how I freed myself from crippling debt shame, and I attracted international paid speaking gigs that were mind-blowing for 'lil ol' me

But, my successes and wins came at a cost.  

They were almost always followed with a period of self sabotage. A 6-figure year, was followed by a period of drought, before bottoming out.  I'd go large with visibility, and then I'd hide, feeling immobilised.   I  poured heart and soul into launching a membership and then couldn't bring myself to promote the damn thing!

After some years, I started to get a little smaller.   A little more burnt.  A little less bold.

Can you relate?  

I noticed that my clients were presenting very similar challenges too.  Of course.  They were mirroring me.  

To cut a long story short,  I had to come to the realisation that I was attaching my self worth to my results and I had unconscious beliefs that were keeping me small, and safe.  I believed at my core that it was not safe for me to express myself fully, freely and authentically.  

My nervous system was on high alert, and I didn't even know it!   I was so conditioned in my self perception!  

I attracted the circumstances I needed to shake me awake on a whole other level and I began to 'do the work' to create the breakthroughs I needed.  

And they came - one after another, after another.  I became a channel for this work to express itself and that's when my life and business completely transformed.

Bliss, love, ease, abundance, flow, inspiration, play, fun, impact and authentic self expression are our birthrights and are waiting to be claimed.

When you align your consciousness with your desires, you let them all in.

Now I help...

Women, just like you,  breakthrough your protective paradigms so you can show up and express your gifts fully, freely and authentically.

As you leave behind the fears that held you captive, and become free of past restrictions, you will be able to live a life that is truly extraordinary and inspirational.

If you're ready for a breakthrough to create greater bliss in your business, and life, then your call with me today:

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