Mindset: Changing The Way You Think is The KEY to Exponentially Growing Your Business

You need to know the No.1 Enemy to exponential business growth… It’s NOT inflation or the economic downturn (as many would have you believe)…

You’re an established coach, looking to scale your business and you’re struggling to make it happen already.

You have periods of client and cash prosperity but they’re always followed by months of little to no income.

You’ve implemented many marketing strategies over the years, but very few have stuck with you…

You’ve been around long enough to know that something always ‘shows up’ but THAT is hardly a robust business plan!

So what’s really going on here?

You need to understand what you’re up against. You need to know the No.1 Enemy to exponential business growth…

It’s NOT inflation or the economic downturn (as many would have you believe)…

Nor is it increased market saturation and competition (reality is the coaching industry is booming and growing still)

Nor has it anything to do with your website copy.

The No.1 enemy is your mindset.

To be more specific. It’s your PARADIGM.

Your paradigm is the collection of subconscious programmes, conditioned ideas, thoughts and beliefs, that determine how you think, feel and behave in any given context.

Your paradigm defines the limits of how much success, wealth, health and happiness you believe you deserve.

Too many business owners overlook the significance of their subconscious paradigms..

And fail to master what I call their Inner Game.

How many times have you sat down and planned out your marketing and content strategy?

How often have you revised your offers, re-thought your rates and set yourself up with a schedule to achieve all your goals…

Only to forget about them, and revert back to what you’ve always done…?

You love the excitement of the creative process, but as your years in business go by, you start to feel some gnawing anxiety…

The voice in your head saying “What a waste of time. You can’t do this. Who do you think you are? You never follow through!”

So you double down on your positive self talk, mentally buckle up and apply dogged determination…

Sound familiar?

Most business owners work so hard to master their strategy, their outer game, of business, without fully grasping the impact of their inner game, causing them to butt up against an invisible income ceiling and recreate the same results year on year…

As Einstein said “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it”

But we try anyway!!

Because we were taught to figure things out with logic and reason!

Gah!!! It becomes increasingly frustrating as we never seem to be able to master lasting change…

And as a result, too many business owners wind up dumbing down their dreams, and secretly settling for mediocrity, because it’s just too painful to constantly feel like a failure…

And worst of all? They NEVER reach those people they’re here to serve, laying waste to their full potential

Luckily there is a solution:

A unique and transformational two-pronged approach designed exclusively to help business owners, like you, master both your mindset, and the method for effectively growing your business…

That will speed up your progress and get you consistent clients and cash flow, and have you feeling amazing, faster than anything else

It’s called The Coaches Business Accelerator Method.

You need this if you’re battling to grow your business and you consistently get caught up in any of the BIG 5 saboteurs of all entrepreneurs:

– Procrastination, even on things you want to do!

– Perfectionism, preventing you from completing anything

– Overwhelm from impatiently wanting to have everything done yesterday!

– Imposter syndrome keeping you small and scared and…

– Overthinking, and second guessing you every decision and stalling your progress!

These saboteurs are symptoms of deep seated limiting beliefs and blocks.

They will keep you stuck for years and result in you feeling like you’re running the perpetual hamster wheel, constantly butting up against the same invisible ceiling on your income, your growth and your success…

Failure to work on your Inner Game is the reason why so many of those business courses you invested in over the years failed to get you a lasting ROI on your investment.

The Coaches Business Accelerator deals with both your Inner Game and your outer game.

You focus on scaling your business and marketing strategies, selling your signature premium offers to your dream clients…

While simultaneously mastering the psychology for success, clearing chronic self limiting beliefs, slaying your saboteurs and freeing yourself to take clear, focused, and highly productive action with grace and ease.

After all, it’s no good creating a fantastically irresistible £10k coaching package, if you’re too scared to promote it, or you don’t believe anyone would pay you THAT MUCH!!??

Here’s what you get when you apply the steps in The Coaches Business Accelerator:

Perfect your Positioning. You’ll get the essential clarity and alignment with your ideal target market. If you’re hitting the ceiling, you may be because you’ve outgrown your current ideal client. This step enables you to re-evaluate and re-position.

Perfect your messaging. With greater ease you’ll distill your message so that it powerfully ‘speaks’ to your audience and attracts the right people at the right price

Perfect your Portfolio. You’ll feel super confident to promote your new optimum high ticket offer. You’ll understand exactly how to create, promote and sell your coaching for £5k+ price points

Perfect your Credibility. You’ll be guided expertly to create a tailor-made marketing strategy that positions your expertise, so you’ll rise above the noise as the Go-To-Authority in your niche

Perfect Your Sales Process. Benefit from my 25+ years of experience in sales as you learn how to close your discovery calls and make more sales with total integrity, authenticity and alignment.

All of this setting you up to successfully uplevel and scale your business, while operating from your zone of genius

Aaaand as you’re moving mountains in your business, you’ll also…

Discover how to overcome your deepest blocks and barriers to greater success, prosperity and peace of mind by working your Inner game:

Here’s how:

Shame Release: Healing your shame around finances and opening yourself up to receiving money with greater ease and safety

Cause and Effect: Uncovering the core beliefs that block you from reaching your full potential

Consciousness Conditioning: Re-wiring your subconscious mind for greater ease and flow and letting go of resistance to success Master your money mindset:

Eliminate the push / pull patterns when it comes to earning, spending and saving Prosperity Practices: Develop the disciplines to support your consistent progress and growth

Thereby, mastering your mindset, raising your frequency, and empowering yourself financially so you’re open to receiving , and handling more and more abundance, success, and best of all, profound joy!

How is The Coaches Business Accelerator Delivered?

The Coaches Business Accelerator is a rolling 12-month immersive coaching and mentoring experience that supports you every step of your journey.

As part of this inner circle you get access to:

Live Group Coaching Clinics, hosted by myself, and occasionally by our guest group experts, who will expertly coach you past your fears and overwhelm and guide you to achieve your business dreams

Monthly Private 1-2-1 coaching to keep you on track and ensure that all your needs are being addressed and stone is left unturned!

A vault with 24/7 access to:

Step by step training to grow your business and master Balance, Productivity and Profitability

Mindset practices to shift your state anytime and support your growth, and…

Masterclasses on managing your time, your money and your progress so you’ll always feel in control and on-top of your game


Live Copy Critique Workshops each month, for personalised feedback and suggestions to ensure your sales copy is optimised for maximum conversions, and is fulfilling its aims

Personalised Sales Audits to help you master your sales conversations and make high ticket closes in a way that feels aligned with you and your unique personality

Access to monthly live Money Manifesting Sessions, slaying your hidden money blocks and expanding your wealth consciousness


Weekly accountability to keep you on track with your commitments and raise awareness to your sticking points (there’ll be no more hiding or playing small!)

Business can feel lonely so you’ll be part of a Supportive Community to share and celebrate your successes with like-minded entrepreneurs on similar paths.

A Team of Experts and pro’s in all things mindset, money and marketing to help you on your journey to becoming a highly profitable and highly professional business owner

All of which is designed to support you towards fulfilling your highest potential, serving more clients by authentically sharing your genius, and growing a highly profitable coaching business on your terms!

Imagine in 2023, achieving your 6-figure income goal and being the owner of a business that supports YOU and your lifestyle, instead of running the hamster wheel!!

If you know you need help to overcome your limiting paradigms and scale your business without working harder, and burning out, then book your call with me today.

On this call we’ll discuss your business, your dreams and how we can support you and your business in 2023.

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