Get Your Spark Back: How Passion is the Secret Sauce to a Fun, Profitable, and Sustainable Online Co

Let’s be real: being an online coaching entrepreneur is tough. It’s like being a juggler with 17 balls in the air, and one of them is always on fire.

I’ve been reflecting these past few weeks on what it really takes to make growing a coaching business more fun, profitable, and sustainable. If I could sum it up in just one word…that word would be passion.

So today I want to talk about why passion is the ultimate secret sauce for success in your online coaching success.

First of all, let’s be real: being an online coaching entrepreneur is tough. It’s like being a juggler with 17 balls in the air, and one of them is always on fire. But when you’re passionate about what you do, that fireball feels more like a spark of excitement. You wake up each day ready to tackle those 17 balls and show them who’s boss!

It’s the opposite to being in a state of anxiety, worry and overwhelm (which is where a lot of entrepreneurs spend a vast majority of their time unfortunately). These stressful states keep you small by blocking you from your higher faculties of creativity, innate resourcefulness and inspiration. This is common because too many coaching entrepreneurs have erroneously chosen to shoe-horn themselves into a niche that they perceive is profitable, rather than choosing their passion.

Whereas, when you’re passionate about, and aligned with your coaching niche and your mission, you really are standing in your power. You’re not just some run-of-the-mill coach; you’re a high-influence, inspiring, and impactful coach who knows how to get sh*t done.

You show up on social media and other platforms, speaking from the heart and sharing your knowledge and expertise in a way that makes your audience go, “Dang, this coach knows her stuff!”

You know what it’s like. When someone is enthusiastically talking to you about something they’re passionate about, you can’t help but feel that upliftment, your body language mirrors theirs as you nod and smile enthusiastically too!

It’s no different when you’re talking with passion about what you do in your content. Your passion is the energy that infuses everything that you create and put out into the world. It magnetises your ideal clients to you. They’re drawn to your energy and enthusiasm like moths to a flame (but without the risk of getting burned of course!). They’ll reach out to you, eager to learn more and see how you can help them achieve their goals. It’s like having your own fan club, and people reach out to you asking how they can work with you, and even saying stuff like “I’ve been following you for months” but without the creepy stalker vibe.

My clients experience this as soon as they’ve gone through my alignment process and they’re amazed at how quickly results change:

But passion isn’t just about attracting clients; it’s also about being profitable. When you’re passionate about your coaching business, you’re willing to invest in yourself and your business. You’ll take risks and try new things, even if it means stepping outside your comfort zone. You’re like a fearless superhero, except instead of a cape, you have a laptop and a killer portfolio of coaching packages.

Finally, when you’re passionate about what you do, you create products and services that truly transform your clients’ lives. You’re not just phoning it in with some generic coaching package; you’re tailoring your offerings to your clients’ specific needs and providing them with a transformative coaching experience.

I created a special masterclass that you might enjoy on how to Increase sales by aligning your coaching business with your passion

In conclusion, passion is the ultimate ingredient for success and profitability as an online coaching entrepreneur. It provides the energy, motivation, and drive to tackle the toughest challenges and create profitable and sustainable businesses. So if you’re ready to be a boss, attract your ideal clients, and create life-changing transformations, let passion be your guide.

And remember, when life gives you fireballs, just add more passion and watch them turn into sparks of excitement!

Love Sanae

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