How to Make $10K Per Month as an Online Coach

Increasing your income consistently is more of an inner game. You’ve got to own the value of your skills, talents and gifts.

Getting to $10k months represents a great income milestone for many coaches in their business. It comes with a sense of having ‘arrived’ in your business, you finally feel like a serious business owner, and that you’re being taken seriously. It also means you have the financial flexibility to clear debts, reinvest in your personal growth and your business and have more disposable income to have fun with your loved ones.

If you’ve been bouncing around anywhere between $2k – $5k in income, and your client and cash flow from month to month is hit and miss, the idea of making that next level leap to $10k plus, can feel daunting and pretty overwhelming. Some coaches desire it, but can’t even imagine that it’s possible for them.

So, I want to dispel some of that fear and overwhelm, and show you how it absolutely is possible for you, and it really doesn’t have to be hard…In fact, I want you to see this as a natural evolution for you in your business. For many of you, you’ve been called to read this because you’re already ready to uplevel and intuitively, you know it.

The good news is that if you’ve already had some success in your business, and you’ve attracted paying clients into your services, then the move to five-figure months doesn’t require a huge shift in your strategy.

Increasing your income consistently is more of an inner game. You’ve got to own the value of your skills, talents and gifts; you’ve got to believe in yourself and feel confident that you ARE the expert in your niche.

As you emanate confidence, this powerful energy literally infuses into everything you do and say. You show up with an influential and impactful energy, and your audience will feel it, even if not consciously, and as a result they will have more confidence in you.

That said, what I’ve consistently found over the years is that in order to consistently cross the 5-figure line in your monthly income there are 5 key areas that you must evolve and uplevel:

5 Fundamentals to uplevel to 5 -figure Months as a Coach in the Online Space:

# 1: Uplevel Your Mindset

As soon as you decide that you’re going to increase your income to $10k plus months some interesting things are going to get stirred up internally.

If you’ve never earned that kind of monthly income before then you may experience some doubts about your abilities; you may wonder ‘how’ you can ever achieve it and some fear is likely to get kicked up.

This is all perfectly normal, natural and to be expected. When you’re aiming to achieve a result that is beyond your current experience, you’re stepping into the ‘unknown’. Your brain is wired to keep you safe and while it seems illogical, an increased income represents unfamiliar territory and feels very unsafe to your reptilian brain.

Not only that but you’ve likely got your own baggage and blocks around what it means to earn more money that stem from your family money stories. These blocks will arise by themselves as you begin to work towards achieving your goal. They’ll show up in the form of negative thoughts and feelings, having been activated from their previously dormant state.

To uplevel your mindset, your new $10k monthly income has got to feel familiar, safe and normal. You’ve got to uplevel your beliefs to match your desires.

When your beliefs and your desires are congruent, that’s when you can easily attract the next level clients who are ready to invest in you at the next level.

# 2: Uplevel Your Ideal Client Avatar

You’ve cut your coaching teeth and worked with some incredible clients who love and respect you as you love and respect them. But nothing stands still – especially in your business.
During an uplevel, many coaches experiences a slowing down in their business (ok, I’m being diplomatic – many coaches experience what feels more like a slamming on the brakes in their business!). This feels confusing and scary, and the temptation to back-peddle and try to replicate what previously worked well is overwhelming.

But to fall into this temptation is a mistake. While it feels scary, the slowing down in your business is often a sign that you’ve outgrown your current ideal client and you’re being called to grow.

After all, you are evolving and uplevelling as a Coach, so it makes sense that your ideal client has to evolve and uplevel with you.
This is important to understand because if you’re not continually growing and being challenged by your clients you’re likely to get complacent, bored and frustrated.

Uplevelling your ideal client will inform your messaging and your new uplevelled coaching offers.

# 3: Uplevel Your Offer

This is critical to increasing your income and creating greater ease in your business in general.

If you’re currently in the $3 – $5k income ball-park then you’re probably already confidently selling packages that are around the $1800 to $2.5k price point, which is great.

Raising your rates to the $5k; $7.5k and even $10k price points requires a next level offer.

Offering high ticket solutions means being able to clearly articulate the problem you solve and demonstrating a clear pathway to the solution.
When your prospects can see that you have the route map to help get them from where they are to where they want to be, they will have the confidence and trust to invest in you.

Uplevelling your offer doesn’t mean throwing in random content, or lengthening the coaching programme. This is a mistake that risks overwhelming your prospect, and is more likely an indication of insecurity to charge more on your part. However, incorporating additional value added deliverables that are relevant and supports your ideal clients growth and progress is something I do recommend.

For example – one of my clients is a Confidence Coach for women in the Corporate world. As part of her high ticket offer, she included a personal branding session with an expert branding style consultant. This boosted the value of her offer and complimented the overall coaching experience and outcome, and her clients LOVED IT!

# 4: Uplevel your Visibility Strategy

I remember years ago being in a masterclass hosted by Russ Ruffino and I had one of those #facepalm moments. I’d felt stuck for some time around how to demonstrate my value and get recognised for my expertise. I was looking for the magic pill – the secret!

I don’t remember the exact words but Russ basically said that if you want people to see you as the expert, then show up as the expert. That was a real lightbulb moment.

In order to be seen and recognised for your expertise and knowledge, then you’ve got to share your expertise and knowledge! Teach your audience what you know, that will truly add value to their lives.

Experts teach. It’s as simple as that. Your job is to own your gifts, knowledge and experience and share it with your audience, with confidence and conviction.

There are many alternative ways to leverage your authority and expertise. To compliment your consistent content on your Social Media and your list (if you have one), write blogs and articles, get featured and published in relevant publications in your niche; give interviews on podcasts, radio and as a guest expert speaker on summits, events and in other communities where your people hang out.

This way you expand your reach, touch more lives and help your ideal clients find you in new and varied ways.

As you step more into your greatness and own your value and you feel confident in your ability to deliver, this confidence will inform and infuse your content.

# 5: Uplevel Your Approach to Sales

In the early stages of your coaching business, you probably relied heavily on faith. Faith that you’re on the right track, faith that it’s all going to work out, faith that your Ideal clients will somehow find you.

You needed faith in yourself and your ability to truly help your ideal clients get amazing results and transformation. Faith is our best friend until we start experiencing the fruits of our labours!

When you evolve and uplevel as a coach and as a business owner, what was once held by faith becomes knowledge, through experience. This knowledge becomes you, it’s imbued as a part of who you are, and as with all knowing, it produces a state of certainty. Certainty is a very powerful energy.

When you bring certainty to your conversations with prospects, you’re never worried about the outcome, you never feel attached or defined by the outcome. As you’ve completely let go, you’re simply coming from a place of pure service.

You may be having the same enrolment conversation that you’ve always had, but your energy of certainty is empowering and your prospect will feel supported, safe, held and heard, maybe for the first time in their life. In this way, they’re able to make a bold decision to invest with full trust and confidence in both you and in themselves.

Everyone seeks certainty, including your ideal clients and you will bring that certainty to the table.

When I work with coaches in my Expert Positioning For Profit™ programme, these are the exact areas in which I support them to uplevel and evolve. This is where the transformation takes place.

Check out my client testimonials to show you what’s possible for you too!

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To your evolution and growth,

Love and Peace

Sanae xx

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