Get Consistently Visible with Confidence, and Make More Sales!

You block yourself with all sorts of limiting beliefs and stories about how you can’t show up today because you’re not high vibe enough!

You’re here with a gift, you have a message to share and you want to help people!

You know you’ve got to show up consistently so your ideal audience can find you.

Problem is, you get in your own way!

You block yourself with all sorts of limiting beliefs and stories about how you can’t show up today because you’re not high vibe enough!

Look, we all have bad days and that’s OK. We all have days when there’s not a coherent thought in our head. And that’s OK too.

Just don’t stay there!

You have the human superpower of CHOICE OF FOCUS.

You can CHOOSE your state of being in any one moment. Even if you’ve just landed a rather large unexpected bill, you can DECIDE what it means? Either, it can bring you to your knees in despair, OR it can forge a next level resolve “I am NEVER going to be this broke again!”

Let’s reframe and take some action to create your next level confident visibility so your people can find you and hire you!

#1: Get intentional

What’s your true purpose for having a visibility strategy?

To reach more people. To grow your business. To attract clients, right?

You want to position yourself as the Go-To-Authority in your Niche.

You want to express yourself authentically and share your message. That’s an important intention and it will impact how you feel as you show up.

Decide what you want, why you want it and who you need to be every day in order to embody that.

Wherever you are in your journey, step into the next level of identity for yourself.

For example, you want to be a 6-figure Coach? Then internalise it and show up every day in that energy.

You want to be recognised as an expert? Then internalise that, and show up every day as the expert.

You want to be trusted and respected, have your business be taken seriously? Then internalise it, and trust yourself, respect yourself and take your business seriously.

So that’s the point #1: Get intentional about your visibility strategy. We’re not throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping that some will stick here.

#2: Change your story

You have a story going on that your reality will be constantly reinforcing i.e.:

“It’s too noisy out there”;
“I hate myself on video”;
“It takes me ages to come up with good content”;
“I have nothing new to say – it’s all been said before”;
“I don’t know what to talk about!”

Or quite simply: “It’s so hard!”

All of those negative mentations are creating a reality that is reinforcing limitation – and it will keep you stuck for as long as you let it.

So what can you change your story to? Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

“I always know what to say”;
“Creativity flows to me and through me and I always know what to say”;
“I love knowing that my content resonates with my ideal clients – they are watching me”;
“I show up fearlessly every single day and I love it!”

And how about “It’s EASY!”

So change your narrative and write a new reality for yourself.

#3: Create A Content Calendar and Repurpose. Here’s how:

Ok so let’s create a super simple strategy that you can follow that aligns with your expertise and delivers value.

Step 1: Consider the 5 – 8 headline outcomes that your coaching delivers.

Step 2: Brainstorm up to 7 sub-topics for each outcome that you can teach on.

Step 3: Then create a content calendar and insert those 7 sub-topics into days of the week like so:

Watch this 8 minute video training 

So now, what’s stopping you? Go out there and Shine Your Light!

Helpful? Got questions? Comment below!

Love Sanae

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“I watched your live today! Spot on. I’d love you to coach me


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