Why Introverts Make Great Coaching Entrepreneurs

Do you need to be extroverted to succeed in the online coaching world? Absolutely not! I'm making a case for why Introversion is a boon in business!

I used to secretly believe that I wasn't extrovert enough to make it in business.

I'd see renowned business, and life coaches, so-called 'gurus' in the industry, baring their 'all' online, often for hours, dropping F-Bombs like comma's, and sharing insights that weren't particularly profound...

I'd see the engagement they were getting...It was through the roof! 

And my heart would sink. 

I went through a brief, cringe-worthy phase in the early days of my business, of swearing more in my live-streams.  I saw my American coach, Becky, landing clients seemingly so effortlessly, and so I thought I ought to try and be a bit more like her...sweary.

I was all over the place.  Insecure, not feeling good enough, and yet determined to succeed. 

It took me a while (I was really in my own way) to learn to embrace who I am.  To own my unique voice, my strengths and be truly authentic.  


Not my word, but one that seems to come up frequently in client reviews and when asking loved ones to describe me.

(I just noticed that I hesitated about sharing that here - a part of me is worried that you might be thinking "I wouldn't want to work with a gentle coach, I want a kick-ass coach" Hmmmm)

I needed to stop trying to pretend to be anything other than myself. 

When I stopped pretending, I also stopped feeling insecure.  Go figure. 

I started having way more fun, and working in a way that felt easier, effortless (at times) yet always more authentic.

Authenticity is the ultimate freedom.

So, my friend, if you're an introvert like me, I want to tell you that this quality is not a reason for struggling as an entrepreneur 

Coaches often preface their explanation of why they're having a hard time with "The problem is, I'm an introvert..."

I'm here to state the case for Introverts making AWESOME coaching entrepreneurs, and how introversion is actually a huge PLUS 

Introversion isn't shyness. 

Shyness is uncomfortable, feels awkward and can be intensely painful.

Introverts on the other hand can be supremely confident in their own skin and very socially adept. 

We love to talk and 'show up' especially when we're passionate about whatever we're discussing 

Introverts don't 'do' small-talk. 

We dive deep - we listen intensely.  We observe the person in front of us.

(You can spot the introverts at a party. We're the ones talking intensely in pairs)...

...which is why we hate going to networking events...the ones where you get 2 minutes to talk to someone before moving on...

And which is why we're awesome coaches.

Introversion isn't anti-social. Introverts can be extremely social and love people. After all, as coaching entrepreneurs we're very passionate about people.

We just draw our energy from within...So after being with people and having a wonderful time...We feel most happy being alone, quiet and recharging.

As Introverts we're mostly 'in our heads'.

We're internally focused beings - we have all our best creative ideas from being quiet and being able to think alone.

Team brain-storming and the concept of "group-think" inhibits Introverts from expressing their best ideas 💡

Introverts are lone wolves - which is why being an on-line coaching entrepreneurs, working from home feels so darn good!  That's not to say we don't need our networks, and communities.  I have mine, and they're a huge source of joy, support and accountability, but in general, working alone from home suits us.

Being an introvert is never the reason you're struggling to succeed as an online coaching entrepreneur, it's one of your many strengths. 

Love Sanae x 

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