Do you worry about being too "woo woo" for your clients?

Do you worry about being too “woo woo” for your clients? That all your talk of Law of Attraction, and the “Universe having your back” might weird people out, and put them off hiring you as their coach?

Concerned that those Corporate prospects might think your marketing makes you sound a little ‘spacey’ and not serious enough to help them improve their bottom line?

Perhaps you want to share the spiritual principles that you’ve come to understand and embrace, and yet you feel a little uncomfortable. Will people judge you? Your ex-colleagues, old friends and loved ones think you’ve finally lost the plot?

It can be a challenge because you want to shine your light, and show up as your fully authentic self, so you feel conflicted. You don’t want to hide what you believe, but equally you feel a little unsure and uncomfortable about how it might be perceived, and received, by your audience.

It took me ages to get really comfortable talking about my new-found spirituality. I was scared of being judged as being a silly hippy by my ex-colleagues and friends and family!

There’s no escaping the fact that the entrepreneurial journey is so deeply exposing and confronting, that you do, invariably, find yourself seeking answers beyond yourself. The entrepreneurial journey becomes a spiritual journey as you go through the pain of growth and expansion.

And of course, as you lean into spirituality, you have experiences that show you that life really is supporting you, and so as you lean further and further into it, and reach higher, and higher, the better it gets, and the better it gets…

But of course, it’s not for everyone.

And that’s OK.

My encouragement and invitation to you is to always embrace your authenticity regardless. Stand up for what you believe in, and speak from the heart in your content marketing, and messaging.

The more authentic you are, the more you will speak to the kinds of people who are your dream clients. You will naturally attract more people like you.

You don’t have to outright declare “I am spiritual”. That’s unnecessary, and we’re not turning evangelistic, but you don’t want to filter yourself, dumb yourself down and communicate in a way that feels stunted and inauthentic.

That’s a recipe for frustration, and a sense that you’re playing small.

If you were anything like I was, you’ve probably been filtering yourself for your whole life prior to starting your personal development journey, so it’s just an old habit to stay safe.

If you’re fearful of people not liking you, or wanting to hire you because of some aspect of what you believe, then that fear will always find something to ‘blame’. If it’s not your spiritual beliefs, it would be something else about you.

When I finally stepped out of the ‘spiritual’ closet, it was in the form of my book “Paid in Full: Free Yourself From the Burden of Debt and Live Your Best Life NOW!”

The intention for this book was that it would be a chronicle of my journey to debt freedom. What I hadn’t anticipated was how much of that journey would wind up being a spiritual one, and I chronicled the lot.

When the book was published, I cried my heart out. I was so afraid of the judgment of my loved ones. Turns out, I needn’t have worried.

And after that, I started speaking freely, and attracting even more dream clients who loved my message.

So, if this resonates with you, then It’s time to change your narrative:

There are enough people, more than enough clients and business to go around. There are more than enough perfect-for-you clients seeking you!

There are more than enough perfect -for-you clients waiting for you to ‘show up’ and shine your light, and share your bold, authentic heart-felt message so they can find you easily.

Is it scary? Yes, of course it is.

Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Sanae x

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