Take Your Place At The Table

As the highly respected, highly paid, and highly successful businesswoman you deserve to be

Take Your Place At The Table

As the highly respected, highly paid, and highly successful businesswoman you deserve to be

Take Your Place At The Table

As the highly respected, highly paid, and highly successful businesswoman you deserve to be

Have You Hit A Plateau In Your Business Growth?


  • You’ve hit an income ceiling and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to break through to the next level
  • You struggle to overcome undercharging, even though you know you bring amazing value to your clients
  • You see other coaches celebrating £20k - £30k months and you'd love to get those results, but you're afraid of burning out
  • You're caught up in a feast or famine cashflow cycle so you're afraid to hire help in case you can't afford to pay them every month
  • You believe deep down that you have what it takes to achieve your dreams but there is something blocking you and you feel frustrated, overwhelmed and at your wits end
  • You're feel perpetually disempowered around money matters so you avoid sorting your finances, and getting your shit together when it comes to taxes
  • You’re terrified of never 'making it' as a professional businesswoman, and but you're not sure where to start



It’s time to take your place at the table as the highly sought-after, highly paid, and highly successful businesswoman you deserve to be.

So you can spend more time in play, than in panic, and finally feel like you belong in the online business world.

Imagine how much you could accomplish in the next 6 months with expert private coaching, mentoring, support and accountability.

Build your body of work AND your spiritual muscle so that you can continuously grow with confidence, clarity, and conviction.


A Transformational Container for Coaches Ready for Next Level Success, Impact, and Income


  • Reignite your passion and realign your business with your highest purpose and vision
  • Break free of your old limited patterns and paradigms and hit the accelerator on your growth
  • Tap your strongest authentic voice and rise above the noise as the leader and authority in your Niche
  • Transcend your money fears, craft offers that embody your passion and get paid high-ticket for your expertise
  • Build your pipeline of dream clients from Social Media

Ready to share your message with the world, get paid top dollar and serve at the highest level without the overwhelm and burn-out?


And it’s time to own your gifts and step fully into your power


Upgrade your beliefs and breakthrough your barriers to success

  • Liberate yourself from self-limiting beliefs using tried and tested mindset technologies that transform your mindset at a cellular level 
  • Break the bonds that bind you to the past so you can overcome self-sabotaging patterns and celebrate your next-level success 
  • Heal your wealth wounds that have bitten deep and upgrade your Financial Blueprint in order to earn more money, enjoy it and keep it!


  • Unlock your true Zone of Genius and align your business with your passion 
  • Tap into your authentic voice and highest expression in your business mission and your message 
  • Create impact as a leader with your perfected expert positioning pitch  
  • Resonate at the highest frequency and bring the energy of passion and purpose to everything you do!


  • Define the real problem you solve  
  • Craft high ticket solutions that are a true reflection of your zone of genius – deliver tangible outcomes and meet the needs of your dream client for outstanding results 
  • Command premium rates for your stellar services with confidence as you break through your deepest money blocks and step into your six-figure identity. As you value yourself, others will value you too! 
  • Create the pathway to Social Selling Success with a clear roadmap and practical accountability every step of the way.

Implement an effective marketing strategy based on psychology and understanding your buyer’s brain. 

  • Discover the secret to crafting powerful messaging that resonates with your target audience and stands you head and shoulders above the noise and the sea of coaches out there.  
  • Apply the methodology that replaces posting relentlessly 10 x a day and positions you as the credible expert in your niche. 
  • Leverage every one of your communications for maximum impact.

Overcome undercharging and eradicate self-doubt as you close your high ticket offers with confidence and ease. 

  • Discover the joy of authentic and sleaze-free client enrolment conversations (benefit from my 20 years as a sales coach and mentor!) 
  • Up-level your value on your enrolment calls while avoiding the common mistakes that many coaches make that act like client repellent! 
  • Experience confidence and complete integrity even when discussing money with your prospects.  I’ll share with you my exact blueprint for closing high ticket sales while connecting with your prospect at a heart level and having fun…it’s not all serious.


  • Develop the discipline of self-discipline. 
  • Discover the strategies for creating a schedule that frees you from overwhelm and procrastination – get more done in less time! 
  • As you’re celebrating your wins, you’ll know exactly what to do to maintain your success and GROW at the same time.

I’ve worked with Sanae 1:1 and I couldn’t recommend her enough!

I was struggling to identify who my ideal client was and how to tell my story in a way that would connect me to my audience.

I wanted to be able to create NATURAL sales, without the gimmicks, and attract clients who become RAVING fans!

Sanae helped me with all of it!

Sanae knows her stuff and her stuff is exactly what I needed, both strategy and mindset to get my coaching business off the ground.

I NOW work less than 10 hours a week, I take 3 months a year off and I’m set to make 6-figures this year!

Seriously? If you’re not seeing the results you know you deserve, you need to work with Sanae!

Kelly Lunt ~ Intuitive Transformation Coach

If you’re feeling like you’re treading water in your coaching business, Sanae is the person to see.

I stalked Sanae for about 6 months after seeing one of her posts that completely resonated with how I was feeling.

However, I wasn’t ready to put my hand up for help at that stage, I thought there must be a way for me to sort this out myself (as most of us do!) All I can say is that if I’d worked with Sanae sooner I would have fast tracked my progress.

I’ve just had a $24k month, which has blown my mind…She’s a rockstar and I’m so pleased I chose her as my coach!

Karita Beard ~ Personal Transformation Coach for Corporate Escapee

I can’t even begin to appropriately describe the transformative power that Sanae’s coaching has had on my life and business. When I started out with her, I knew that I wanted clarity for my coaching practice but what I did not realize was how much I needed it for my own well-being.

After only 3 months of coaching with Sanae, I went from having no clients in over a year, no engagement on social media and no inspiration to share content… to paying clients, a thriving Facebook community, weekly emails, blogs and social media posting, a brand new beautiful website AND a new group and DIY coaching program to boot!  

Now that’s not bad for a few weeks of work!!! I feel so clear about my message now that I wake up with excitement about sharing! I feel fulfilled by knowing that I am helping so many people transform their lives because I am unafraid to be visible now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sanae.  

Niko Ana Jeanne ~ Founder of Buddhaversity


You have the knowledge, skills and experience that can transform others lives and you’re passionate about building a fulfilling and purpose driven coaching business.

You have an open mind and a willingness to try something different and invest the time, energy and finances.

You have your business foundations already set up but you’re feeling stuck, your current strategy isn’t pulling in the results.

You’re someone who takes full responsibility for their results and is willing to do what it takes to succeed.

If so, then book your initial strategy call to speak with me personally and let’s talk about how I can help you make it happen. Simply click the link to book your initial strategy call.

I want you to know that on the other side of your fear is real freedom.

The freedom of authenticity that liberates you to create your best work and to express your gifts and talents in a way that is not possible when you’re hypervigilant with stress, desperate, and constantly worrying about how you’ll makes ends meet month to month.

Which is why I do what I do.

My job is helping you step into the 2.0 version of you and experience the success, peace of mind, and prosperity you deserve.

I will be your personal guide to help you unlock your true genius and master your messaging so you attract your dream clients, and with powerful deep dive mindset coaching, you’ll break through your upper limits so you experience consistent success and the true freedom of authenticity.

Become victorious, proud, and powerful as you take aligned action to scale your coaching practice while feeling supported on every level.

I have no words to express how utterly indebted I am to Sanae. She has absolutely changed my life for the better and in doing that, has helped the hundreds of women I am now equipped to work with too…Working with Sanae, my whole business model shifted an entire 180 and I am now finally attracting women that I am destined to help!

I got crystal clear on who I help and how I help them and now I’m marketing to my ideal client in a way that is specific and direct.

By our third session, I had a discovery call booked in with my ideal client and was privileged to have access to a whole heap of information that helped me to be confident and in control on the call!

I have no doubt that working with Sanae has reignited the spark that was inside me. I have gained more knowledge and have become more confident, gained more clarity and more importantly, I now love showing up for my clients once again!

I have completely changed on a cellular level. I know more about myself than I ever did before, I understand myself and trust myself and I know that working with Sanae has been the catalyst. She helped me to uncover what I had hidden for so many years and although painful at times, she held that space in order for me to process and work through the feelings and emotions I was experiencing.

If you have the opportunity to work with this gentle powerhouse of a woman, then take it with both hands and immerse yourself fully! Sanae cares with every fibre of her being. She will stretch you and push you but will magically and expertly help you to weave all the threads together to ensure your business is successful.

Thank you, Sanae, from the bottom of my heart.

Michaela Pay ~ Empowerment Coach


Yes, I’ve got the 2 plus decades of sales and business know-how, and I’m a masterful Personal Performance and mindset coach, a certified Success Principles Trainer, a PSYCH-K facilitator, a featured and published keynote speaker, and an author…

But, most importantly, I have personally ridden the entrepreneurial roller-coaster!

I know about the ridiculously high highs and the soul crushing lows. I’ve endured and overcome the crippling fear of visibility, of judgment, and rejection. I’ve dug deep into my psyche to face my self-sabotaging stories and heal my money wounds. I’ve had funnel failures and launch flops, I’ve hosted workshops with only one delegate showing up and I’ve cried. Man, I’ve cried.

I’ve successfully navigated the path and so, more than most, I get you.


#The Coaches Business Academy Tribe

The Coaches Business Accelerator Coaching and mentorship programme is designed to help you take your coaching business to the next level, combining a unique blend of deep dive psychology and practical, actionable strategy.

Ready to join me for your transformational journey?

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