Freeing yourself from the emotional burden of debt is one of the most liberating gifts you can give yourself. And it all starts in the mind!

Freeing yourself from the emotional burden of debt is one of the most liberating gifts you can give yourself. And it all starts in the mind!

This FREE 5-day course is designed to help you powerfully kickstart your journey and is a MUST if you’re sick and tired of constantly being in “bad” debt and feeling unable to fully enjoy life as a result.

You’re neck-deep in debt and getting deeper in spite of all the personal development work you’ve done to think positively and be “high vibe”.

In fact, you’ve invested $000’s in yourself and your business with the hope of generating greater income and becoming debt-free, and yet you find yourself worse off and feeling ashamed.

Right now you’re experiencing frustration and fear because your debt burden feels out of control.

You have a sense that you’re limiting yourself by your own money stories and self-sabotage and as hard as you try, you can’t figure it out.

Your debt, whether consciously or unconsciously, is controlling your decisions, diminishing your confidence and the burden of it weighs so heavily on your heart that you feel completely isolated.

If any of that resonates then I want you to know that you are not alone and where you are right now is temporary if you decide today to tackle the real problem underlying your debt!

Every day for 5 days you’ll learn practical, actionable strategies for up levelling your money mindset and expanding your consciousness to become a magnet to the abundance that you desire and deserve.

  • Reclaim control and empower yourself with clarity
  • Reveal and rewrite your limiting money beliefs for greater ease and abundance
  • Heal your core money wounds and break free of the self sabotaging patterns that are keeping you in lack and scarcity
  • Discover timeless prosperity practices and processes that really work for attracting more abundance into your life
  • Release resistance and discover the secret for unconditional joy and peace of mind.

PLUS Bonus training: 7 Blocks to Prosperity and How to Eliminate them and an additional Get Debt Free Masterclass Training.

Sanae Floyd, the Founder of the Paid in Full & Prospering Academy and Best Selling Author of “Paid In Full: Free Yourself From The Burden of Debt and Live Your Best Life NOW!” overcame her own 23 year toxic relationship with debt in 2018. After hitting rock bottom with £50k in personal debt, Sanae embarked on a life changing journey to free herself once and for all.

The results were breathtakingly rapid and profound!

Sanae is passionate about sharing these powerful processes to help other entrepreneurs as she says in her book “What was really devastating was how my debt situation was impacting my ability to grow my coaching business.

It wasn’t until I started this journey that I appreciated just how much my debt was affecting my ability to grow my business. As much as I believed I was ‘showing up’ and being authentic, the truth is, there was a huge part of me that remained in hiding! I had actually been playing so small!!”

Sanae will guide you step by step on this enlightening and rewarding journey designed to help you raise awareness, and break through your old negative patterns so you can reclaim control and step fully into your personal power!!

“I’m soooo HAPPY to share with you that yesterday I paid off $20,000 of my credit card debt!!! I can’t wait to pay off the rest!!! This community has been amazing. I thank you all for being here and Sanae, of course, that goes without saying, where would I be without you? Xxx”

“It’s crazy but I love sorting my money out so much now! What a change!! Just wanted to let you know that I glimpse a “2”. Debt is now £29,995. Down from £60k!!”

“I’m so thankful that I met Sanae, and read her book…Seriously without her vision for her book and what she wanted to bring to the world, I would never have dealt with some of my issues around money and where I am today. Payday is tomorrow and I am one payment away from having something else PAID IN FULL. Another debt done and dusted… My heart is full of thankfulness to you, Sanae, our mentor and guiding light, thank you for having the courage to deal with your issues, your debt and then enabling us to be more aligned and deal with ours”