Alignment With Your True Niche is The Key to Standing Out as The Go-To Expert and Easily Attracting a Steady Stream of Dream Clients, Hungry to Work With You…

And It's Achievable for you NOW with the Shine Your Light Method

Shine Your Light is a simple, step-by-step method that dives deep into your story, draws out your unique gifts and connects the dots to UNCOVER what I call your True Niche…  

Thereby, giving you the lucidity you need to show up and share your message with clarity, confidence and credibility…  

This means no more:

  • Flip flopping about from niche to niche, trying to find your ONE thing!
  • Fear of visibility, or feeling stuck on who you're targeting, and what to talk about every day
  • Compromising your credibility because you keep chopping and changing your messaging, your offers, and your copy!
  • Undercharging because you’re scared that nobody will pay you what you want
  • Frustration because you're struggling to communicate the value of what you do
  •  Self Doubt, overwhelm and panic because nothing you try seems to work 

Do you remember why you started your business in the first place?  Shine Your Light reconnects you to your confident unstoppability!  

The Shine Your Light method is specifically designed to help coaches, just like you, to...

  • Discover your Secret Sauce
  • Get you crystal clear on your dream client 
  • Perfect and hone your message
  • Uncover what sets YOU apart as the credible go-to-expert
  • Feel aligned with your authentic voice  

By the end of going through the process,  you’ll have discovered exactly who your ideal client is, the problem they have and how YOU are uniquely positioned to help them!  

Creating high quality, and highly converting content, copy and coaching offers becomes a breeze!  Say Goodbye forever to desperate awkward cold outreach and spamming strangers DM’s.

Say Hello! to dream clients reaching out to you saying stuff like “Wow! Your post was like you were reading my mind! How can I work with you?”

Your Biggest Barrier to Success

Most coaches start their business by running head first into investing time, energy and money into getting their website up, doing extra coaching certifications and investing in business courses.

It’s exciting and they’re ready for clients…  

But in all their enthusiasm, they blissfully glossed over the most important factor to their success as a coaching entrepreneur, which, of course is...  

Their true niche.  

Therefore getting clients becomes a game of chance, with terrible odds.

No Wonder You Feel Overwhelmed!

If you’re not signing clients, and making money, then panic will kick in as you’ll naturally be drawn to look at what everyone else is doing, negatively comparing yourself and getting lost in the noise online.

Your dream of building a fulfilling coaching practice can quickly feel more like a nightmare. I totally get it (I was there too), but here’s the thing…

There's a deeper issue at play that makes it almost impossible for you to figure out your true niche by yourself…

The real problem is that you’ve been conditioned to dumb down those brilliantly unique and gifted parts of you…

For fear of being ostracised as “too much” or “not enough”...!!!

It’s that voice within that whispers “Who do you think you are?

We’re shamed for shining.  The voice diminishes our sense of self,  keeping us small and unable to access our authentic voice…

All in the name of supposed safety!

And that’s the biggest block we’ve got to breakthrough!

With the threat of having to return to a nine-to-five J.O.B breathing down your neck, there’s no time to lose!

The ONLY way to breakthrough is to dive deep into your story and discover your True Niche

This is the ONE key differential that separates those coaches who are moving mountains with their energy, enthusiasm and action-taking, magnetising their dream clients and making bank month in, month out…

And those who struggle to get going, get mediocre results and then go broke.

Let me introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Sanae, Business Breakthrough Coach, Sales Mentor and the creator of the Shine Your Light Method.

Having built a reputation in my corporate career as a highly successful sales manager over the span of 2 decades I knew that the people who are super successful in sales were those who knew their Why?  

But when the time came for me to follow my calling, in February 2015, and I made the bold leap into full time coaching…  

I forgot everything I knew about successful selling…  

I built my website, designed my logo and gathered coaching qualifications to boost my credibility…

But when it came to marketing myself…?  

 That voice showed up…  

“Who the hell do you think you are?”  

Old familiar feelings of ‘not enoughness’ got stirred up inside me…  

Paralysing me and causing me to panic…  

I had no entrepreneurial know-how, and didn't know this online world of digital marketing even existed until a few months earlier.  What hope did I have of standing out on Social media??  

In desperation, I threw tens of thousands of pounds into business coaches and courses to help me…  

But all they did was reinforce to me that I needed to dial in and get super specific on my niche, without actually showing me how…!!  

I tried on so many different hats, and everything I tried felt ‘off’, like something was missing…  

In my first 9 months as a full time coach, I made a measly £480.    

I spend countless nights pacing my bedroom, worrying about money, slipping deeper in debt, and yet resisting any and all suggestions of getting a “proper job”...  

I just knew this was my purpose and I was determined to succeed.

Then in September 2015, I had a breakthrough...  

The answer was staring me in the face the whole time (hint: it always is).  I needed to dive into my story and reconnect to my why.    

So, that’s what I did.  Suddenly everything made sense.  

I knew my why, my who, my what! 

  I had realised the unmistakable alignment with my true niche and I felt totally unstoppable…  

Within a week of my breakthrough I sold my first 90-day package for £2100.  At the end of the next 5 weeks I’d signed £13k in coaching clients.   Then I had my first 5-figure week.  

I knew I’d discovered something powerful and I’ve never looked back.  

Over the past 8 years I’ve taken countless coaches through my method and they’ve rapidly experienced the shift from stuck to unstoppable…  

Showing up with confidence, magnetising clients and closing sales with more ease than they ever imagined possible… 

Silencing that nagging voice forever.


What makes your True Niche so magnetic to your dream clients? 

The answer can be summed up in one word. Passion. 

Passion is an energy that has the potential power to move mountains!  When harnessed and channelled correctly, passion is highly influential, inspirational and highly impactful. 

Anthony Robbins calls this energy “The Genesis to Genius” 

You have an unlimited abundance of this unstoppable potential power within you. And I know you’ve experienced it many times in your life. 

Think about a time when you said “enough is enough!” You hit a pain threshold in some area of your life and you suddenly rose up to take massive decisive action that transformed your reality…? 

Remember how you felt? Unstoppable, right? 

No-one and no-thing could deter you! 

That incredible energy is passion, harnessed and channelled with laser focus. 

Your True Niche is laser focused passion. 

When you join the dots of your story, and recognise that your greatest struggles in life, are the basis of your greatest gifts in your business, you’ll experience the breakthrough in clarity that you’ve been missing up to now… 

With this new found clarity, confidence and credibility, you’ll feel a surge of energy and enthusiasm that is real. It’s actually a very natural STATE of being because it’s pure alignment. 

Your vibration raises to that higher frequency… 

As you start taking inspired action, operating from this higher state of being, you become a magnet to the people, the resources and the circumstances that support you to achieve your goals. 

You’ll feel amazing as dream clients reach out to you, thanking you for sharing your message and asking “How can I work with you?”

  I’ve distilled my Shine Your Light Method into a 5-Step process that you can follow.  It’s the exact process
I use to help my clients go from Stuck to Unstoppable!!

And the best part is that I’m not asking for the usual £97 to access it,  I’m giving it to you for FREE!  

You see,  I want you to have it.  

I believe that we Coaches, have an important role to play in our society.  Through our work of overcoming conditioning, shining our light and sharing our gifts, we’re contributing to the uplevelling of consciousness for future generations.    You came here to make a difference, and help people…  

You're best able to do that when you’re following your heart, and not the voice of limitation.  

Therefore it’s vitally important to get this right, not just for you and your business, but also for those clients who are waiting for you to show up.  So if you’re still here reading this, you have a decision to make:  

Option #1 Do absolutely nothing and stay exactly where you are right now.  

If your coaching is a side hobby, and you’re not really bothered about creating a fulfilling 6-figure coaching business that gives you and your family more freedom and flexibility...

Then ignore the rest of this message because the last thing I want is for this to become just another course gathering dust in your inbox.  

But if you are passionate about reaching those clients who will pay you for expert knowledge, that leaves you with two other options:  

Option #2 Do it yourself.  

You can try to figure out your true Niche yourself.  You can test different niches to see if any fit, and ask other unqualified people what they think you’d be good at…  

Then chuck out some ‘catch all’ messaging and low cost offers…  

And hope that someone, someday might just raise their hand to work with you.  If you’re OK with not earning any money for the next how-ever-many months, and you can shut out the mental noise of imposter syndrome then you might just be able to pull it off.  

Option #3 Be guided by an expert  

I’ve distilled my proven method into a simple process, that I will take you through step by step.   I’ve created a printable workbook for you to flow through.  

All you need to do is press play on the videos and then write down whatever comes up as you listen to my voice guiding you.  And then allow the magic to happen as that shaming voice is silenced by your immediate breakthrough clarity.  

All I ask of you is that you share your breakthrough clarity with me so I can celebrate with you!      


What Other Coaches, Who Started Right Where You Are Now, Are Saying After Shine Your Light

Omozua Isiramen ~ Empowerment Coach
Within 4 weeks I signed 2 new clients!  Working with Sanae through this process helped me get clear on who I was, what I do and what results my clients get when they work for me. 

 My niche was no longer a mystery.  I was able to start looking at what results my ideal clients wanted and also learned how to clearly state that in my marketing.  The one big thing for me has been the amount of confidence I have gained in myself and how I now understand the power of just being me in my business as that is the best I can offer my clients.

Michaela Pay ~Founder of Empowered Woman Academy

Working with Sanae, my whole business model shifted an entire 180 and I am now finally attracting women that I am destined to help!  

I got crystal clear on who I help and how I help them and now I’m marketing to my ideal client in a way that is specific and direct.  I have no doubt that working with Sanae has reignited the spark that was inside me. I have become more confident, gained more clarity and more importantly I now love showing up for my clients once again!

Tish Hawkin ~
Resilience Coach

Within 2 weeks I booked my first client and also had a request for 12 months worth of coaching as well as an opportunity to be a keynote speaker.  
Sanae helped me to narrow down to within pinpoint accuracy exactly who my ideal client is along with everything that she is thinking and feeling along with helping me identify what skills, qualities, and attributes I have that will help solve her problem and get great results.
Sanae had the magic that helped me release my magnetism. 

Irina Sanchez De Lozada ~ Career Coach

Signing up to work with Sanae was the best decision!!  

After just 1 session, I got what I was missing: My alignment with my niche!!  

It's so much easier to write my copy, as I'm speaking about what I've experienced, what I know, what I felt and how I found my solution.  And now there is no more of this nagging feeling that something is missing!  

Thank you Sanae!!! You are really the BEST!!!

Inside you'll find a workbook to download plus step-by-step videos that you can do all in one sitting or allow the process to unfold over 5 days.

Each video is between approximately 5 - 20 minutes long and you can go through more than once.

The key is to enjoy and trust the process! 

Course Curriculum

Sanae Floyd

Business Breakthrough Coach & Sales Mentor

Sanae Floyd is the founder of Expert Positioning For Profit™ and helps coaches to get recognised, and rewarded as the Go To Expert in their field. 

With over 2 decades of experience in business and sales, Sanae helps entrepreneurs across the globe to master their psychology and the strategy for success, working with them to grow their businesses for greater impact and income.

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    Shine Your Light is a 5 Step short course that expertly guides you to get the CLARITY in your Niche, Ideal Client and Message